Advanced Guide On How To Cite A Thesis MLA Style

Academic career is an adventurous one. It begins with one piece of work – which is a thesis or a dissertation – and then takes a scholar through a chain of exciting research, teaching, conference and other experiences that make up scientific life. However at one point it seems like making it through the first step – writing and defending a thesis – might as well be a mission impossible.

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Apart from conducting research, developing arguments and reading through an endlessly long literature list, there are also so many technicalities to observe. What is an MLA thesis style? Why do I have to rewrite everything I have written so far? How to develop a proper MLA thesis statement? These are the questions of a student who didn’t pay attention to style obligations from the very beginning.

It will save you a lot of effort and time to get to know MLA format by heart and apply it in any thesis related writing you do – be it a simple draft or a note, develop a habit of keeping everything in one MLA thesis layout.

What is MLA format?

MLA (Modern Language Format) is one of the citation styles required by an educational institution. Depending on the accreditation and affiliation, your university might require all academic works to be cited in APA, Chicago or MLA format. MLA is most widely used throughout humanitarian spheres.

At first it might seem that there’s very little difference between the styles, but for a trained eye MLA thesis writing stands out dramatically from an APA one, for example. Not talking about the software check that your work will go through – any missing comas and parentheses will be treated as potential plagiarism.

How to cite a thesis MLA style in bibliography list?

When you refer to a source, you should name it by saying author’s full name (no initials!).

Then should follow title of the book or academic work in italics.

After the title one should mention the type of the work that you cite by using such abbreviations as MA / MS thesis or Diss.

Next comes the official name of the academic institution that published the work, followed by a city and a publication date. There should be a comma in between these three pieces of information.

So the final MLA thesis citation formula should be like this:

Author’s last name, author’s first name, author’s middle name. Name of the work (italics). Diss/ MA/ MS thesis. college or university name, city, year.

What does MLA thesis citation in text look like?

When you build an argument around something that was stated in your trusted sources, here’s how you should quote the source.

Start with an actual thought, data or fact from the source.

At the end of the quoted information put the author’s last name in parentheses.

MLA in text citation should follow this formula:

Quoted information, thought or data (author’s last name).

Is MLA thesis citation different online and in hard copy?

The most recent edition of the MLA format guidelines states that MLA thesis statement should be cited the same whether it is read online or in hard copy.

The only difference is that digital resources should have additional information that indicates what electronic database or library you accessed the work from. No URL links are required.

Additional tip: there are special websites that can help you organize your sources in the right format. They can be of great help to consult on how to cite a thesis MLA style when it comes to a bibliography list.

MLA style is only difficult until you learn it by heart. It’s like typing instead of writing by hand – once you get accustomed to it, you don’t know how you used to do it the other way! But it takes quite a bit of time and practice to master the style and know it without looking at examples and guides. That’s why many students choose to look for thesis statement help that will take care of the formatting while they focus on the essence of their thesis.

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