Degree Dissertation

Degree Dissertation writing is an awkward task for the students, because it is lengthy and time consuming. It requires skills, proficiency, lots of research, hard work, dedication, plenty of time and much more. In this competitive era it has become an important assignment for students from last few years. The higher the level of education the more skills and abilities required to write degree dissertation for your professional career. Here discussing some do's and don'ts for your consideration, they might help you when you are about to write degree dissertation.

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  • List down the resources to get information
  • Make a schedule for the respective working process
  • Diversify your work into small segments
  • Choose the topic with the advice of your advisor
  • Your topic should be close to the real-world
  • Make an outline for your degree dissertation
  • Choose the format accordingly
  • Collect all the statistical information about the topic
  • Follow the latest tendencies and problems
  • Cooperate with your advisor all the times
  • Spend time in research and gather the necessary information


  • Don't try to over confident
  • Don't miss lead or miss guide to your advisor
  • Don't go beyond the instructions of your advisor or university guidelines
  • Don't copy or steel the concept about your topic
  • Don't leave the things for tomorrow, strictly follow the schedule that you have made before start writing a dissertation
  • Don't take too much burden on you
  • Don't get out-dated information for your degree dissertation
  • Don't select very old topic or subject matter
  • Don't select complicated topic that will create more problems for you
  • Don't rely on one source, research findings is a vital attribute of degree dissertation

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