High School Thesis Prepares Students to Write Serious Academic Papers

High School Thesis is forerunner to the more serious academic work like senior thesis, Master’s thesis and Doctoral thesis. What students learn in the school prepares them to face more difficult challenges in the adult life. The high school students have to take the thesis writing seriously and learn all the intricacies involved in thesis writing, especially if they hope to pursue college education and further. High school thesis is difficult only because the students have yet to learn the art of thesis writing. But teachers will not expect deep research work.

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Requirements for the High School Thesis

For the High School Thesis different schools can have different standards. But here are some basics common to most of the schools. The school may give a minimum length for the thesis paper. In most cases this can range from six to ten pages or 1500 to 2500 words. For a literature thesis the school can ask for one or two literary works to be researched and study of two or three more secondary sources to be referenced and examined. It is necessary for the students to prepare a work cited page. In most schools the students will be asked to defend the thesis in an audience of fellow students.

Writing Style for High School Thesis

The purpose of writing High School Thesis is training the high school students for writing more difficult academic papers in their later academic life in the college and graduate school. Therefore they will have to learn about the thesis styles like MLA, APA and Chicago styles. Students will have to write their thesis in MLA style or any other writing style prescribed by the school. This trains them on the aspects of how to give credit for the sources in a bibliography, in text citing and foot notes etc. which are essential elements in formal academic papers. They also learn the formats for writing the theses.

Format for the High School Thesis

The format for the high school thesis paper is not that much different from the five paragraph format for the high school essays. But in case of the thesis, a section or a short chapter takes the place of the paragraph in the five paragraph essay. Therefore the thesis format will be essentially introduction, argument chapters, three or four in number, and the discussion and conclusions chapter. Students can consult their teachers on this regard. Unlike in the college or university, high school teachers will supervise the students’ work more closely and the students can have more interaction with the teachers to get advice on writing the thesis.

Thesis Help for Writing First Class Thesis Papers

Students who enlist thesis help will definitely improve the quality of their thesis. Therefore it is necessary that students source help if they feel that they are not competent yet to write outstanding theses. The help may be from teachers, friends, parents and professionals. The best option will be to call for help from a good thesis writing service. PhDify.com has been helping students with their academic assignments, coursework and thesis writing for years and would be one of the best options you can access online.



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