How Long is a Dissertation

To write master's thesis well without help, student needs to know lots of nuances concerning content, structure and format of work. After all, you need to understand, that dissertation is not school essay or some abstract, but significant scientific assignment. This assignment is challenging and takes lots of time. Such responsible work requires considering many factors to write and style it correctly. These demands are binding to apply in your thesis, otherwise, paper will be rejected; one of important points, that should attract your attention to it – is volume of thesis.

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How long is a doctoral dissertation

At this moment, official strict rules regarding length of theses didn’t exist. This can be explained by fact that every work is unique, and each writer has his own style of writing, for one person it can take many pages to cover the topic meanwhile another one can do it more succinctly. Student can decide what volume he needs. Success of assignment depends a lot on subject and school; however, Ph.D papers are considered to be approximately 300-400 pages.

What factors to keep in mind before deciding the volume of the work

If you are already at final stage of studies, you need to write your dissertation, and you don't know how long does a dissertation have to be, try to research this query.

Each part of paper has its own recommendations regarding number of pages. Introduction should be between 3 to 5 chapters, main body is supposed to be not less than 120, not more than 150 pages. Applications and a list of references are not included in the total volume.

This way, you are the one who can answer the query "How long should a dissertation be?" but that too much doesn't always mean good!


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