How to Write a Dissertation

Today, education became highly important, even integral part of our lives. Earning degree is obligatory condition to every person who aims to get good job, build brilliant career, reach success, etc. Studying at college is not easy as it may appear. During these several years that person spends at the Uni, he faces numerous issues; one of the biggest matters that can appear on your way to diploma is thesis writing.

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If you need to write such work, you feel confused, unconfident with it – you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will explain how to write a dissertation paper and successfully graduate.

What is Thesis and why is it Important

Every year many students who come to us ask same concern “How to write my dissertation?” it’s not surprising because this work has big volume and is new to many scholars. Everyone who had written thesis before will say that this kind of work requires lots of time, skills, knowledge and is labor- consuming. It is not difficult to write a dissertation, how to write a good one is the main problem.

First of all, let’s try to understand how to define thesis, if we want to describe it in few words – it is science work that requires from author lots of research of subject. It needs to be presented by author in front of professor and council to obtain degree. Based on presentation and quality of work student will receive appropriate grade, which will have enormous impact on your GPA and your future success.

Writing thesis is real challenge, but if person once decided to apply to university and earn degree – he can’t avoid it; for every student it’s important not just to write this work, but to do it well!

Structure of a Dissertation

Another pitfall that awaits on your way is bunch of demands and standards of writing, formatting, styling, etc. and each of them must be considered. Every university sets up its own rules. We advise to learn carefully and understand how to write a dissertation according to discipline and institution demands.

Despite the fact that some students may have some special claims, the general structure of paper won’t be much different from common standards. To create good paper, consider every part of your thesis separately. Before starting work, see how every section of the work must look like.

  • Title page. Dissertation, just like any other academic work, must have title page. Demands to its format may vary, but it won’t be much different from standard rules; title page of your thesis should include the following information: on the bottom line mention name of your school and faculty of studies, your name, academic year, name of degree that you’re receiving, your supervisor’s name, date when you are planning to make presentation.
    To create title page applicant won’t need to spend lots of time. It doesn’t require much effort into it. The most important thing at this step is to structure it according to all rules and double check it before submission to eliminate any mistakes.

  • Table of contents. Table of contents requires from person to mention every chapter of work except subtitles. When you’re creating the table of contents it’s important to use right space, structure, etc. that were specified by your advisor. Don’t forget to mention accurate page numbers; remember that all titles have to be identical to the ones in your text.

  • Introduction. Introduction of your future work is important part. It must explain main idea, queries that student was investigating and purpose of work to everyone who reads dissertation. Introduction should describe primary theme of work and explain why author chose it. It’s important to refer to appropriate sources, this will show readers that your research has value for practice and science.
    It’s not bad decision to start working on your introduction at the beginning of your investigation to form your ideas, but don’t forget to come back and edit it after your main part was approved and commented by the professor.

  • Main part. Main part is substantive part of the work. There are no exact claims for volume of dissertations, every student can individually decide how many pages your work will be, but such assignments should have at least three chapters. This part is supposed to present how author examines in detail methodology and research techniques. It’s important that every chapter exactly matches chosen topic. Structure should comply with research problems indicated in introduction, text should be informative and contain minimum wateriness. Making brief summary after each part, basing on results of research, can be helpful.

  • Conclusion. To write good summary, you’re supposed to analyze and synthesize all results and their ratio with main goal and tasks; conclusion is summary of the new knowledge that is brought up at discussion and evaluation of scientific community on public defense of thesis.
    The final part involves the final evaluation of the work done. At the same time, the conclusion of your dissertation must highlight its novelty in your field of science, theoretical and practical importance of the studied theme.

  • Bibliography. Bibliography constitutes one of the essential parts of the thesis. This part shows that author did an independent investigation basing on previous works in his area. If you need to write such work and wondering how to write an excellent dissertation, you should remember that bibliography is your best friend because it allows you to avoid plagiarism and get a higher grade.
    Every source that you used to write your thesis has to be listed. Experienced professors advise to avoid usage of encyclopedias, reference books, yellow press, etc., they explain that it’s because these sources are considered unreliable. Recently, it became possible to specify online sources in dissertation, but students should be careful with them because they can quickly become obsolete, move to new address, or even disappear.

Tips on writing a Great Dissertation

Build necessary skills. If you’re asking yourself “How to write a successful dissertation?” – You must understand that it requires not only a lot of research and writing but a pretty strong set of skills. If it’s your first thesis don’t hurry! Rush is the worst thing you can do when it comes to academic writing. Before you start working, analyze and evaluate your knowledge of the subject and skills, and if you think that you don’t have enough experience, don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you or try to learn yourself!

In the 21st century, we have thousands of opportunities right in front of us. If you feel uncomfortable to ask your advisor to assist you with this matter, search on the internet, and you’ll find a lot of useful and helpful tips; consider thesis consulting services because they aim to help students with their thesis.

Manage your time wisely. One of the biggest problems that students face is a lack of time. To avoid this issue and protect yourself from stress and rush, we advise learning how to manage your time wisely. When you receive an assignment and still have a lot of time before due date, it feels like you have enough time to write a qualitative work. The problem is that you’ll never have enough time! And by putting it off until tomorrow, you’re just taking away precious time from yourself.

Start working on your paper in advance. Create a plan of work and give yourself a task to write several pages every day. This way you’ll not only save time but will rid yourself of an unnecessary headache and creative crisis creative crisis!

 Stages of writing a Great Dissertation

  • The main key to success is the research. Pretty much your whole thesis depends on how widely you learned the matter and whether you have found reliable sources. Devote the biggest part of your time to studying. If you do proper research of your subject – you will get a good grade.
    To make your research more efficient spend some time on learning what methods and techniques exist. After you did it, you can decide which method is the most suitable for you and start working. Remember, that well-formulated questions will help you to find information faster, and if you find more sources – your thesis will be more informative and entertaining.

  • Another important stage of your assignment is the creation of an eye-catching title. Consider your title as opportunity to intrigue reader in advance, or vice-versa, let him down even before he started to read your work. Title must explain reader purpose of this text. Poor heading can confuse and mislead him. If you’re not sure whether your title is good enough, search “How to write a dissertation title” and you’ll find useful information or turn to services that provide consulting assistance to get qualitative dissertation help.

  • Make sure you are aware of all format and structure standards. It’s great if you wrote a high-quality thesis, but if you failed to follow the instructions your work will not be accepted. Some preferences of your university can be slightly different from the common ones. You have to be careful during structuring and formatting of your text so that you won’t ruin the work of several months by few crude steps. If some instructions are not clear to you, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor, other students or find relevant articles because almost every source that explains how to write dissertation includes a separate part defining structure and format standards.

  • As the last stage of your writing process you should check and edit your thesis. It’s better to plan to read it a few days after you finished your work. This will allow you to look at your thesis with a clear head, find mistakes or disparities in the text and still have time to fix it if it’s needed.

  • After you feel that your text is done and ready to be submitted – pass your paper to your supervisor to receive his comments.

Dissertation submission

This part is your final exam, and it’s the most responsible. This stage of your work requires extra time to prepare because it will decide whether candidate will earn degree and receive good grade. Try to practice presentation in advance. Ask friends or family members to assist and ask questions. Try to understand that to impress the committee and earn a degree you need to be confident in your answers, be fluent in your topic and ready to respond any question.

Protection of applicant’s thesis occurs in front of the science committee. Every andidate is supposed to present orally his idea, topic, content of his thesis and results that he achieved. Every member of the council gets familiar with materials of his work in advance, so after students finish their presentation committee members are going to start a discussion and ask different questions regarding his subject.

After work is passed, the council takes a break to discuss and evaluate it. Every member of the committee will take part in secret ballot. Based on results of this ballot, majority will take final decision; this decision will define whether this thesis will be accepted or rejected. If protection of the results of the thesis is accepted, council members decide to award degree to applicant.


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