Key Differences Between Thesis And Dissertation Every Scholar Needs To Know

Nobody ever remembers the time they first started thinking about going further than simply pulling through three or four years of college. But every scholar will remember countless hours spent on preparing the text and the time they encountered the dilemma – so what exactly am I writing? Is there really a difference between a thesis or a dissertation?

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The reason why there’s so much confusion about differences between thesis and dissertation is that both of them are on the highest level of academic difficulty. Also it’s quite common for the academic community themselves to interchange and use both of the terms, so today it’s hard to say what exactly the person in front of you is referring to. Both papers have a lot of common features:

  • Require a lot of research to understand the topic inside out;
  • Written with a goal to obtain an academic degree;
  • Are graded and evaluated by academic staff;
  • Have to adhere to one of the academic writing styles (APA, MLA and etc.).

To understand the differences is an important point a student wants to clarify as soon as possible to avoid rewriting his work later. The main difference will still be the goal for which the student is writing the text. The style and technical matters aren’t that distinct from the first sight. Here is what makes thesis and dissertation different:

1.Academic Title

Generally speaking, if you tell someone at a conference or academic meeting that you are writing a thesis, they will naturally assume that you are going for a PhD (or doctorate) degree. While if the student is working on a dissertation, he or she is pursuing his postgraduate level degree that equals to a master program.

Write My Thesis = PhD or Doctorate Degree

Write My Dissertation = Postgraduate or Masters Degree


Dissertation is a completely new piece of knowledge you produce. It is a new idea or opinion about the subject that is supported by reliable evidence.

Thesis is based on quality research that is collected and conducted in the process. It is entirely dependent on thorough preliminary fact gathering and information digging. Thesis will almost always have critical assessment of the conducted research.

Thesis writing = innovative approach based on original research

Dissertation writing = producing new concepts, facts and theories


Writing a thesis the scholar is supposed to choose a fresh and relevant subject, develop his own objection, hypothesis about the matter. This hypothesis will be reviewed and then confirmed or contested on the thesis text.

At the same time dissertation is a compilation of useful insights and knowledge on the topic being elaborated. It is an authentic author idea that logically unravels in the text.

That is why a thesis is reviewed by a professional adviser as it is being written, while dissertation is only submitted for review by peers when it is finished.

4.Main components

Since thesis is centered around research, it would inherently have such parts as research objectives and goals, selection of methodology. Then there will be research results and how it can be used for the development of the area in the future.

Dissertation is a guideline and a methodology in itself. Its parts can be used independently as a certain vision or approach to the matter. They are suggestion on how to solve the problems or do something differently.

Thesis writing components = research objectives, methods, results

Dissertation writing components = guidelines, methodology

So now you know what is the difference between thesis and dissertation, but that doesn’t make the challenge of writing one of them easier. Academic writing is probably one of the most difficult pieces of work in the art of letters. It requires not only pen mastery, but also possession of critical thinking, research and many other skills.

Many students acquire the set of these skills the hard way, by spending long hours over books and laptops, trying, failing and revising their work over and over again. While others prefer to go through the process faster by using dissertation writing help. Let the professionals do their job and deliver you the result you expect.


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