Students Must Gain Full Knowledge of How to Write an Academic Thesis

Academic thesis is the final document that presents the academic work carried out by a student as course work for obtaining a graduate or a postgraduate degree or a professional qualification. Different Universities in different countries specify their own requirements and provide guidelines to the students about what they expect in a thesis. These requirements may be dependent upon the degree pursued. Still there are some common features a student must be aware of when writing an academic thesis. Apart from these general requirements students should always get specific instructions from the thesis supervisor with regards to the requirements that apply to their specific courses.

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Purposes of an academic thesis

Academic thesis is normally written and submitted to an education institution for obtaining a degree. Thesis is written to present the results of academic research project with application of rigorous research and investigation methods. The scientists and academics that are doing advanced research work in their respective fields also present and publish results of their work as thesis, even though they do not expect to receive any degree.

Structure of an Academic thesis

You have to write your thesis according to a set structure. Make a thesis outline as per the given format. If a format is not specified you may use a format commonly used in your department of study as business, law, aesthetics or humanities. If you have any doubt you can always get it clarified from your tutor. But there are most common and important sections that have to be included in your thesis. Generally speaking, a thesis must have three parts, namely introduction, body and the conclusion. The main part can be expanded as per the details you are going to include. Following is a sample thesis outline. This is not to be followed strictly. But use it as a guide line for your thesis outline.

  • Title Page: This must show the thesis title, Authors name, purpose of submission (Degree name etc.) and university, department, the names of the members of thesis committee and the supervisor. Get guidance from your department.
  • Abstract: Thesis abstract gives all important information on the thesis concisely.
  • Acknowledgement: Though optional here is the opportunity to thank all those who were helpful in your research.
  • Table of contents: list all the chapters and the sections as per the format and numbering you are using.
  • Introduction: Main idea in the introduction must be the thesis statement. Purpose and significance of the study, and research questions etc. must go here.
  • Background: Your study is on some topic which is in an area of learning. There is a whole body of knowledge already. You have to state the present status of the knowledge on your thesis topic and the definitions you are using etc. Normally, this section takes the form of literature review.
  • Methodology: This is where you describe methodologies, equipment if any, interviews and the questionnaires etc. you used to collect data. Then state the tools, software etc. you used for analyzing the data.
  • Results: Here you must show the raw data, graphs, tables, diagrams etc. Then the analysis of your data. Depending upon your research design, quantitative and qualitative analysis methods will be applied.
  • Conclusions: You must directly state the conclusions you draw from the analysis of your data, limitations if any, the significance and implications of your findings, and directions for further research.
  • Bibliography: Include all your reference works according to the citation format.
  • Appendix: attach all relevant lists, graphs, pictures that can be referred when necessary.

Academic thesis writing help

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