Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

  1. Everyone knows that a good sketch is better than a long speech. Graphs and diagrams, photos and tables are intended to make certain data easier to understand.
  2. Thanks to visual aids you can illustrate analysis techniques, sample data, research results, materials input and any other factual information.
  3. There are two reasons why you should make use of illustrative material in your thesis proposal.
  • The first one is that it will help you understand your own research better. If you cannot present your information in visual form, it is either not useful or incomprehensible to you.
  • The other one lies in the fact that pictures and images generally attract more attention than plain text. Therefore, other scholars will turn their eyes to your paper and probably even use your research results in their works. This way your proposal will become a reference source for others.
  1. Naturally, you can use other researchers’ figures in your paper, but it is always better to use only relevant material and build a strong connection with your subject.
  2. You can insert any types of images in your proposal by means of using a scientific or professional drawing software:
  • It can be a photo of your equipment with captions explaining what it is and how it is used;
  • Data flow diagrams can show how data is distributed in an information system;
  • Flowcharts will represent the stages of some process and possible options;
  • Your drawings can also demonstrate electronic circuits, chemical formulas, mathematical equations, bifurcations, etc.
  1. You can insert your visual material directly in the text or provide it on separate sheets (you may need to create appendices section).
  2. Scanners, drafting and drawing software are the tools you can use to create images of any type.

Ideas on Spelling and Grammar

  • Generally, people tend to read thesis proposals very thoroughly. Therefore, any tiniest mistake will probably be noticed. As it will take your reader’s attention from the contents of your paper, it is wise to avoid any grammar or spelling blunders.
  • Always use spell checker in your Word Processing Program.
  • As a computer program will not correct all mistakes, especially those related to contents, ask your friend to read your proposal and give their feedback.
  • You can also try reading it aloud as many mistakes become obvious when heard aloud.
  • If you need to explain something complex, imagine that you are talking to a friend. Write as you speak and use simple words and transitions which are easy to follow.
  • Read your proposal at least five times before you submit it.
  • If you get many comments stating that your paper is incomprehensible, consider revising it. However, generally, trust your intuition when it comes to rewriting your piece.



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